Building in the Hills of Creemore:

Installing the first floor framing package
Open web joists will accommodate ducting & plumbing to create a flush ceiling with no bulkheads
Russell is laying out the framing for a wall before hoisting it into place

First floor walls are framed and braced, awaiting the second floor joists.
Getting the help of our on site equipment to hoist second floor walls into place
Silver rigid insulation board is added to the exterior to provide extra R-Value.

Gables trusses are set and sheathed in preparation for the remaining roof truss installation.
LVL beams are integrated to create an open floor plan
Our equipment makes material readily available when working at heights.

A combination of open web joists and steel beams allow for an open floor plan.

Framing up to the 3rd floor belvedere which will have panoramic views
This ICF foundation is ready for drywall to be fastened directly to the foam block, no additional framing required!
Installing the strapping to prep for siding install.

MDF tongue & groove panelling is being installed in the 3rd floor belvedere
Exterior finishes for this build are a combination of stone veneer and custom coloured wood siding.

Installing an ICF Foundation:

The ICF foundation provides R22+ of insulation value and is considered a green building product. Traditional wooden forms are not required for the foundation walls, reducing job site waste, and the blocks are manufactured using recycled materials.  

The foam walls of the block contain integrated studs at 16" on center. Once the core of the wall is fillled with concrete, ICF is essentially a entire wall system, complete with insulation and vapour barrier.

Take a look at our ICF page for the installation steps.

Ed, Jesse, and Luke pumping and raking concrete into the forms.
Russell and Luke screeding the footings to create a smooth and level surface for foundation walls.
Ed and Russell installing rebar dowels which will tie the foundation walls to the footings.

The first few rows of ICF blocks are in place.
ED is loading the ICF bracing and alignment system to head to the site
The bracing and alignment system is installed to ensure the ICF blocks stay square while pumping concrete.

Brackets on the ICF bracing system securely hold boards and railings so our crew can work without having to build scaffold.
Bucks are installed to maintain openings before concrete fills the wall
Concrete has been pumped in and cured. Our crew is now installing the drainage membrane.

Foundation water proofing in progress!
Jackson is installing weeping tile at the foundation perimeter.

Creemore Custom Build

We have been collaborating closely with the owners to build this 4,500 sq ft new home. This house features 2 levels, a fully finished basement, and a 3rd level belvedere overlooking panoramic views of the escarpment. Tall ceilings and elongated windows create the traditional victorian farm house feel, while new-age products and finishes give the efficiency and appeal of modernized building! 

The Amvic ICF foundation creates a comfortable, dry, efficient basement. This basement was designed to sit higher out of the ground, providing the opportunity for large windows. The natural light eliminates the traditional dark basement feel and creates a fantastic extended living space!

We are now working on the interior finishing stage. The interior features lots of ship lap panelling, reimagined antique details, and brilliant finishes selected by the owner!


Framing Detail:

Framing Detail:

Steel beams were notched into the joists to allow for a flush ceiling, vs. the need for dropped bulkheads found in most conventional framing.

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