Progress Pictures:

Before: An unfinished storage space above the garage
Progress: New windows provide full daylight and a panoramic view
Progress: A shed dormer increases the ceiling height and opens the room up

After: Even on a cold dreary day, this space is now flooded with natural light.
After: In comparison to the before, this space is clean fresh and inviting.
After: With the shed dormer addition, the ceiling height and square footage have increased making this a wonderful space to stretch out and start your day.

Design Detail: Custom beveled baseboards creates a seamless transition between the fresh walls and cozy cork flooring

Garage Renovation


The existing loft space above this garage was small and dark. However, it provided great potential to create a secondary living space for the home. 

To maximize the size of this space, we installed an 18' wide shed dormer with windows spanning the entire length to create a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Natural light now reflects around the space to create a refreshing feel for this soon to be yoga loft. 


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Design Detail:

Design Detail:

Cork flooring and soft white paints will bring a                 calming feel to the space.

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