Designing and Building a Screen Porch Addition:

Before: The existing wood storage shed
Demo: Removing the existing wood shed
Progress: ICF Foundation is installed and the slab is setting after a fresh pour

Progress: The frame of the porch is up, and the roof is getting a waterproof membrane before steel cladding.
Progress: The douglas fir frame is about to be prepped for stain and screen inserts
After: Timbers are stained and screens have been inserted.

After: The douglas fir timbers were stained to match the siding used on the gable ends and garage renovation.
Progress: Custom screens have been installed.
Progress: The interior brick wall is getting a milk paint finish to cover the existing red brick and update the space. Check out our instagram link for details.

After: The screened porch is now great space to entertain and savour the breathtaking views.
After: The contrast of finishes and textures creates a fresh, inviting space for the homeowners to relax and enjoy their property.

Screened Porch


This property features amazing views over the hills of Creemore. A screened porch addition was a great way to extend the outdoor season and enjoy these expansive views. 

After removing the existing wood shed, we installed an ICF foundation to create a solid and well insulated base to support the porch structure. The frame, constructed of mortised douglas fir timbers, features large openings to maximize the view. We installed custom screens to blend in with the structure and a milk paint wall to hide the original red brick.  

This is a great space to enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from the elements!  


Take a look at the Garage Renovation completed above the screened porch. 

Keep up to date:

Keep up to date!


Design Detail:

Design Detail:

A quick sketch to display the exterior finishes

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