Installing Exterior Finishes:

Owen Sound Ledgerock is being laid using the random rubble method to achieve the look of a classic barn foundation.
Brick ties are installed on the pool wall to support the stone.
The end portion of this wall has been designed to reflect the look of an aged barn foundation.

Black mesh is installed behind the copper to act as an air space and drainage layer.
The underside of the treehouse is nearly ready for aluminum composite cladding to be installed
The deep seams on the copper cladding catch the snow: a unique design feature by Rockside.

A black composite panel has been used in place of parging over the exposed foundation
Copper cladding is complete and is starting to patina as it naturally weathers
A matte black aluminum composite panel is bent and installed at the fascia and soffit.

Interior Works:

Curved master bathroom wall: the architect created radius templates and our crew had to cut custom plywood plates to hold the studs.
Our crew scraped and notched the Douglas Fir timbers
Radiant tubing has been installed in preparation for the concrete basement slab. The radiant heat will be controlled by a thermostat and ensure the basement floors are comfortable during cold months.

A layer of agilia screed A is being installed over all the radiant tubes, this will help distribute the in floor heating evenly.
This grey board gets installed in all wet areas to protect walls from moisture, kerdi membrane will be next before tiling
Kerdi is a waterproofing membrane that helps to prolong the life of walls in wet areas, resisting mold.

This green board is an acoustical insulation with sound dampening properties.  Combined with resilient channel there should be virtually no sound transmission between floors.
Ductwork has to be installed into the custom skylights to ensure they maintain a steady temperature on hot or cold days.
Custom frames have been inserted in the ceiling to allow light tracks to be hidden in the finished ceiling.

Multiple layers of plywood were used to frame this bulkhead for a motorized privacy curtain in the master treehouse
Drywall completed in the great room and kitchen area, this room has 16 foot ceilings!
Previously installed finishes get covered with a layer of plastic to protect them from drywall dust

The laser is used to create a straight line over 60 feet away
After the lines are marked Cory and Morgan place a chalk line
The chalk line will be used for the tile layout to ensure straight grout lines.

Creating a Custom Pool Wing:

Craning the pool wing beams in place
A look from inside the pool wing. Bracing has been installed to ensure the posts stay level.
The pool contractor uses high velocity concrete (shotcrete) as its easily workable and does not need to have formwork on both sides.

Custom vents were meticulously measured to ensure the layout will coordinate with the pool deck tile once installed.
These forms will be knocked out once the concrete cures so ductwork can be installed.  This will ensure the curtain wall at the pool wing is not susceptible to inconsistent temperatures.
Ed checks the finished height of the concrete after it has been smoothed out to ensure there are no high or low points so water drains properly from the pool.

Rubber vapour barrier was sprayed over the plywood ceiling to protect the structure from moisture and chlorine.
The pool wing starting to take shape.  The temporary wall has been removed and sliding door systems installed.
A minor slope is visible on the pool dock concrete to drain the water away from the interior.

A textured tile is being installed at the pool deck to give the look of wood decking with added durability and slip resistance.
Plastic lumber has been used to frame the waved ceiling for its pliability and moisture resistance
A close up of the soffit and facia detailing carried across the entry of the pool and house

Building in Gibraltar:

Clearing the driveway
Framing footings at the curved wall
Using the extended pump for the concrete

Dimple drainage membrane is installed below grade and lets any condensation or water against the foundation freely drain away without invading the basement.
Structure for the master bedroom 'treehouse'
Using the zoom boom to install windows on the second floor

Strapping has been fastened on the house wrap to minimize the damage from wind and rain until the exterior finishes can be installed.
Treehouse framed and weather tight on the structure previously photographed.
The treehouse coming together with exterior finishes

Overall Progress Shot:

Pool Wing Progress:

Gibraltar Meadows


Our team is currently working on this custom home featuring over 10,000 sq ft of living space. This project is being brought from dream to reality in collaboration with the home owners and designer.  

Currently, we are working with trades to prepare for interior finishes. Exterior stonework and copper cladding has recently been completed.

Next, we will be working on interior finishes for the pool wing, including an undulating cedar ceiling. The floor-to-ceiling curtain wall windows have been installed, and exterior details are now taking place. 

Check back often to follow the progress!


Designer: Rockside Campbell Design Inc.

Finish Selection and Decor: Marion Melbourne

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