Raising a Pole Barn:

Craning the trusses in place
Strapping a truss to the crane
Trusses installed and secured

A very foggy day on the job site.
Trusses are on and the fascia board is being installed.
Neil installing horizontal girts to the gable end walls

Working in the trusses
Ed, Luke, and Gavin installing fascia board to the truss perimeter
Ed fastening fascia boards to the truss perimeter

The barn will soon be ready for steel cladding.
120 feet down the side of this pole barn.
Installing metal roofing. The zoom boom makes a handy addition to the team for moving material.

Pole Barn 


Our team designed and raised a 5,500 sq ft pole barn.  

A pole barn is an effective method for creating an outbuilding with maximum space for storage. The many uses of a simple pole barn structure include:


  • Equipment Storage
  • Housing Livestock
  • Automotive Garage
  • Industrial / Commercial Work Shops
  • Storage Buildings

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